Edge of Eternity Review

Edge of Eternity Review, when you hear the type of turn based RPG or JRPG, you certainly think of famous games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Trails in the Sky or Figure. Some of those games are one of the easiest known examples and well known series of this kind. In fact, some of these games are often the ideas of other developers to make turn-based RPG or JRPG games. One of them is a game with the title Edge of Eternity made by Midgar Studio developer.

This game made by an indie developer from France started as a Kickstarter project that received high enthusiasm from turn-based RPG game lovers. Because of that spirit, the Edge of Eternity project can be handled in total and has been launched for the first time on PC (Windows) on June 8, 2021. Due to its success, Edge of Eternity has acquired ports for the latest game consoles, namely PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. Various reviews of Edge of Eternity have also appeared on the internet from various factions about their response when trying this turn based RPG game.

This opportunity, we have the opportunity to try this game developer made by Midgar Studio and provide a review of Edge of Eternity for some readers. This review will be made based on the author’s individual opinion of the experience of playing the game Edge of Eternity so that some readers can find out some of the good things that you can get when playing this game.


Let’s just start with the Edge of Eternity review!

Story – When the world is told from the onslaught of alien creatures and mystery viruses

Edge of Eternity ‘s story begins with the appearance of an alien army from outer space that attacks the planet Heryon. The attack from this mysterious creature makes the planet have to face an endless war where there is a conflict involving magic and technology which actually becomes a new threat. It didn’t stop there, the aliens released a dangerous virus called Corrosion which was fatal to all living things on planet Heryon and turned them into terrible creatures.

When the world is in difficult conditions, a young army appears who will go on an adventure and become an important figure who can change the fate of the slumping planet Heryon from the threat of alien attack forever.

From here, it is clear that the premise of the Edge of Eternity story is classic and has the characteristics of a turn based RPG or JRPG game. You will face a story where the Protagonist named Daryon and his friends try to save the world from alien threats and find ways to prevent the spread of Corrosion.

The world of Heryon also has elements identical to JRPG games that have a futuristic feel like Xenoblade Chronicle . But when I look back, I am reminded of the world of JRPG games, one of the Star Ocean game series (4th series) which has futuristic elements but still has cultural traditions and natural ecosystems that are still natural. While exploring, I also feel nostalgic for the Final Fantasy XII game .

Gameplay – Classic Turn Base RPG That Makes Nostalgic

For the battle system itself, it has a turn based RPG genre as I explained earlier. Players will control 1 or more characters in battle with several options such as Attack, Skill or Spell and Item. All these commands will be active in the Active Time Battle system or you are more familiar with it by the abbreviation ATB. This applies to all characters in battle , be it party or enemy characters.

However, there is a slight difference and it is one of the features of Edge of Eternity in battle , namely the position of the character which is divided into several areas in battle. The position of the character plays an important role in being able to carry out attacks. If the character wants to do melee or close attacks , then they need to be close to the enemy’s area position. However, characters who have ranged attacks such as spells or skills can attack enemies from close range or far from their position.

In one battle, players can bring a maximum of 4 party characters. You can enter these characters according to their roles and abilities to master the battle against enemies.

Talking about the abilities of Party characters, Edge of Eternity features a skill tree system called Crystal. You can use this system to create new character abilities, whether it’s increasing their stats or presenting new skills.

There are still a lot of interesting gameplay features that I can’t explain one by one where these features can add to the fun of playing, which has been prepared by Midgar Studio developers at Edge of Eternity .

Visuals – Graphics That Look A Little Outdated

For those of you gamers who enjoy cool and extraordinary graphic quality, you might feel a little disappointed. That’s because Edge of Eternity has graphics that are similar to the graphics quality for PS2 or PS3 generation games.

Even though it has a nice and interesting world concept, in terms of visual quality, this game is nothing special. This applies to visuals on character models and open world views in the game. You may feel that the art design of the main character in the game looks a little different from the 3D character model.

Audio – Soundtrack Arranged by Renowned Composer Yasunori Mitsuda

Although I’m a little disappointed with the quality of the graphics in this game, at least the music in this game feels like AAA game quality. That’s because the music soundtrack composer Edge of Eternity was arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda. He is known as a composer on popular games such as Chrono Trigger , Chrono Cross , Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and many more.

So every strain of music, starting from battle , city atmosphere, exploration in dungeons and open world has the characteristics of JRPG games with extraordinary quality.

Edge of Eternity Review – Nostalgic with Turn Based RPG Game with Lots of Classic Elements for Gamers

In closing in the Edge of Eternity review , I will give my personal feedback after playing this game. Overall, Edge of Eternity presents a nostalgic sensation as lovers of turn based RPG or JRPG games, both classic and modern generations.

I myself quite enjoy the turn based RPG feature in this game. But what I don’t like is the pace of the battle , which feels slow when compared to games of the same genre as Final Fantasy in the PS1 era or Persona .

Even though the speed of the battle movement has been accelerated to the maximum, each character or enemy still makes movements that still feel slow. Even the ending sequence after finishing the battle takes a few seconds to provide information such as experience and items obtained which I feel is still slow so that the duration of playing each battle feels long.

Apart from that, I can still enjoy this game as a big fan of turn based RPG games . Especially with the classic story that presents an exciting and tense adventure full of emotional feelings to save the world. What kind of gods or in this case aliens will the Protagonist and his friends face in the future, huh.

That’s my Edge of Eternity review based on the experience of playing games from indie developer Midgar Studio. Are you interested in trying this game?